Waiting for Lake Swimming!


Today I visiting a lake local to where I reside, called Thetis Lake.  It is situated just outside of Victoria, BC Canada, on Vancouver Island.  It is one of my favorite swimming spots and I thought I’d share with you few pictures below that I took today.

Hikers and those who want a nice shaded stroll also enjoy the wooded path all around the 2,060-acre lake.   Today I walked mid way around the lake and snapped a few pictures from one of the many higher vantage points around this lake. (We get a lot of cliff jumping enthusiasts  at this lake!)

It is May at the moment and still  a little chilly for swimming, there were  few ‘die-hards’ here today that were not going to let slightly colder-than-average waters stop them from splashing around!  (It is also a Tuesday afternoon so come this  weekend, there will be an even slightly larger group of brave swimmers!)

The nice thing about this small lake is that there are no motor boats allowed which is ideal for those who love swimming out to the middle of the lake or floating around on their inflatables stress-free!

It won’t be much longer though before I’ll be splashing about here with my family!

Feel free to share your favorite swimming spot in the comment section!  I love learning about great swimming spots 🙂

4 thoughts on “Waiting for Lake Swimming!

  1. I really like to swim also – but only get out once per week nowadays. This pictures are amazing and really enticing. I have so many favorite spots that is it impossible to pick just one!!!

    • Justin, I think that it is fantastic that you have so many favorite swimming spots that you cannot pick one! Also once a week is STILL VERY GOOD for getting out for a swim. I’m a swim NUT and it is all I can manage with busyness we call LIFE!! 🙂 good to hear from you! Happy SPLASHING for when you do make it out next!

  2. Hi Ashley
    A great place to spend some free time. Too bad a bit far for me, as I live in Thailand.
    I have a little self-made lake on my land, which I use for swimming and fishing. My little girl loves to play in the water, especially with some inflatable toys.
    Thanks for the nice post

    • I have never been to Thailand, but I ALWAYS love looking at pictures from there. you are very lucky to have that little lake on your land to enjoy with your daughter ! thank YOU for your nice comment which was a pleasure to read!

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