Premium Original Poop Emoji Float for Adults and Kids

I promised to suggest a FUN & AWESOME water toy every Thursday so here it is:

An Original Poop Emoji, Pool Lounger for Adults and Kids!

Melt you stress away floating around on this premium giant float.  One of the best features of this particular float and why i decided to recommend it as “water Toy of the Week is that the company; SweetTooth, claims this emoji to have :

a soft touch vinyl with matte finish that provides superior comfort compared to the cheap glossy finish vinyl of our competitors”.



This can be purchased at: who has the best price I have seen at $39.95 with free shipping

If you are Canadian (like me!) This can be purchased at: by Ocean Star team.  Again it was Amazon with the best price around at $56.99 CDN with free shipping

So please, please, please! If you purchase this Emoji Id be curious to hear your comment here about your comfort level !

Other features Sweettooth claims:

  •  industry leading vinyl thickness for additional support and longevity.
  • Inflate your floaties rapidly with [our] efficient valve system
    for up to 10x faster inflation than traditional air valves.

  • Front:
    Emoji-Float-for-adults-and-kidsBack:Back side of Emoji Poop Float


2 thoughts on “Premium Original Poop Emoji Float for Adults and Kids

  1. Thanks for this post and recommending what this poop emoji float is.
    However, I have some questions on why I should buy it. Is there any other floats that has a soft touch vinyl with matte finish? I swim often and I am interested in something like this.
    The only problem is that I don’t like the design of this. Is there other designs available?

  2. Hi Michael, I can understand how the design of this particular float is not everyone’s taste!

    These EMOJI’S really have had a fair amount of momentum this past year with young people especially as little pillow cushions! ( For example, my 8 year old has two of these poop Emoji’s in two different colors, a poop emoji mesh hat, and many little clickable mini stuffed emoji’s attached to her school bag, They were gifts from other family members and she loves them all )

    Back to your question! There is really nothing quite like this specific description of ‘SOFT TOUCH VINYL’ in an inflatable that I have come across. Again, that is why I choose it for ‘water toy of the week’. However if it is comfort you are looking for I have a suggestion for you.

    There is a;
    ‘FLYMEI Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock Lounge, Comfortable Pool Lounger’ on the market right now, it has a sleek classic but fun design and its HALF the price of the EMOJI poop float. It looks very comfy and here is the link to my recommendation for it under my category ‘Inflatables’;

    Feel free to check that post out if that sounds like a good alternative to check out!

    Happy splashing!

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