Let the good times ROLL with these WATER WHEEL Inflatables !

I devoted this particular post to showing a COUPLE great options for Water Wheel Inflatables.  I think kids would a great time WHEELING around the pool with them!

  1. Water Wheel by SWIMLINE

Water Wheel by SWIMLINE

The first water wheel I want to show you is from a company called Swimline.

This water wheel is recommended for swimmers ages 6 and up. Adult supervision is advised.

61″L x 53″W

product description; 

This water wheel can easily roll across the pool with even the littlest effort. Helps kids stay active and improves their swimming skills.

It is currently retailing for $41.95 US (31% OFF, a $18.51 saving)  through the clickable links I placed in this post (OR if you click on large image above) I am also not sure how long this sale will run for.

If you live in Canada, good news, they do ship, it will be an extra $25.92.  Which is still better priced than paying the full price what retailers are charging in Canada or to ship free.

I choose to recommend  feature this water toy to have fun with this summer because Swimline also claims that their water wheel is made of “long-lasting, heavy-duty vinyl, so kids can enjoy it summer after summer”.  So if you do purchase it I would love to hear feedback in the comment section if it lasts for longer than a season as claimed!

2.  Water Wheel by Greenco

Water Wheel by Greenco

This Water Wheel float has had  great reviews rolling on it, pardon the pun, I JUST HAD TO!

It retails for $29.99 US (currently 9% off) and for Canadians + $21.82  Shipping & Import Fees)

I love the big bright colors on this one and I think kids will too!  It is recommended for ages 3 and up with adult supervision.

Approximate dimension in inches when inflated 52″ outer diameter x 25″ width x 35″ inner diameter

Greenco also makes the following claims:

  • Easy to inflate and deflate, Repair patch included for extended life
  • Sturdy construction, made of heavy duty PVC material 

If you decide to purchase this Water Wheel I am curious to get your feedback, especially on if it is easy to inflate as promised!

Well I’m going to roll on out, hope you enjoyed checking out these suggestions,  happy splashing!

2 thoughts on “Let the good times ROLL with these WATER WHEEL Inflatables !

  1. Wow, this is a great idea for kids and maybe even adults who want to add more fun to their pool and water life. I’ve never seen these, but might consider buying one in the future. It helps too that you’ve shown a few option that will last a while in case people need help choosing a product. Thanks for sharing and the information on these fun water products.

    • Hi Jeremy! I love the fun way people react to swim toys, thank you for your comment! I have fun recommending Water Toys because they remind me about how its important to make time for some fun!

      That’s what I aim to do, fun good quality swim toys that are new to the season in combination with trying to find the online site giving the best price, essentially trying to save my visitors some time. Its my wish that they also had fun checking out this site and engaging with their comments and opinions! Feel free to check in anytime!

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