How to make a Plywood-Boat or a Storage-Bin-Raft

I grew up with a Beaver pond in my backyard.

Well, not exactly my families backyard.  We lived next to a public school in the outer limits of the town. Behind the property of the school, there was a pond.  Had some busy beavers around and my brother’s and I would witness there handiwork.  It was here, my siblings and I were always on to building rafts of some sort from crates to fallen tree parts.

It is this memory which was the inspiration to hunt online for great raft and boat instructional video’s.  Here are two that I have found and think are great to share!

How to make a Boat out of a single sheet of plywood:

Here is someone who shows you, step-by-step, how to make a great plywood boat. His instructional video description reads: “Make a plywood boat with one sheet of plywood. Easy to make, this boat is a good starter project to learn about wooden boat building”.

It is a great is indeed a great starter-project video with a nice easy pace. All this, while staying under 10 minutes while still explaining every step he made in detail.

How to Build a Raft From Storage Bins:

If you have time for a legitimate full-on project, this guy will show you how to make a very solid raft out of storage bins.   He actually had the boy scouts on it for a trip and a gang down a river and they all slept on the rafts over night.

If you take on either of these projects please share in the comment section for everyone else to learn from! And feel free to share your comments even if you do not take on one of these projects 😆

Where did the Classic “Rubber Ducky” Originate?

From the moon!  Just kidd’n.


Classic Rubber-Ducky Toy

But seriously, or as seriously as we can get discussing rubber-duckies.  I am seeing rubber ducks everywhere lately and not even going out to find one.  I stayed a hotel last weekend with my daughters on a short trip.  The hotel we stayed at had a pool and were giving out a complimentary rubber -ducky-toy in each room.  And just on this very evening, I took the picture below at the hardware store.  Hey!  It is NOT even  Real-Rubber-Ducky.

Inflated Rubber Ducky at the Hardware Store in Victoria BC

Which has me leading to ponder the question below:

Why is the rubber-ducky the most popular of all the other water toy animals?
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How to Inflate your Inflatables Without an Air Pump at the Lake

We have all been there.  We are at the lake, its a hot day and we are ready to jump in the water on your large inflatable, but we messed up big time and forgot our pump at home.

Obviously the best case scenario is that we have a decent portable air pump on us or someone yells out that you can borrow there’s.

Here is a clickable link to my recommendation for BEST PREMIUM PORTABLE AIR PUMP FOR SUMMER 2017!
However if its just not in the cards for you to be able to use a pump when you need one, there still  is a better way than just  blowing it up old school.

Plastic Bag Hack:

This better way involves a plastic bag.  Often if your out with friends there is one person who has a plastic bag on hand.   Here is a good very short video on this plastic bag hack:

I figure if I save even one person’s day at the lake with this advice, this post was surely worth the time.   It took a lot quicker to make than it did blowing up a air mattress without a pump!   Lol, I had to throw that one in there!

Water Noodles are an Invaluable Aid with Moving Heavy items on Vehicle Rooftop!

A few weeks ago, I needed to pick up a heavy kitchen table that I had bought off someone and transport it back to my house.

My vehicle is an SUV, a Honda CRV that has roof-racks. Even though the table surface unscrewed from the base to make for easier transport, the table surface had too large of a diameter to fit in the back of my SUV, even with the seats down flat. It was going to need to go on my vehicle’s roof rack to get it home with me.


Water noodles saved the day!



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Finding Inexpensive Water Toys at Yard Sales!

Who does not love going to a good YARD SALE?  You know the kind that you can get things for a fiver or a few bucks or less?  25 cents?  Or best yet, the FREE box! (I have found many amazing things in those yard sale’s  FREE boxes, just say’n!)

Last summer I found a good quality water toy at a yard sale. It was a high quality inflatable doughnut with a mesh bottom, it was in perfect shape and I did pretty good only paying $5 for it.  Our family got a lot of use and fun out of it during our vacation last summer.  And we still have it for future use.   So the moral of the blog is you don’t always have to buy your water toys new.

Here it is a picture of my daughter with that water doughnut we found for 5 bucks;


This past weekend I came across another neat water toy at a yard sale. It is a mesh net that loops around a standard sized sponge water noodle.  Still in its packaging, unopened.  Here is a picture of it below.


I haven’t opened the packaging yet but the concept will be similar in style to this premium duo noodle hammock a company named Water Trails sells but at fraction of the price.

It was a great snag at a yard sale kinda price, which I was happy to grab because I always bring a few of those water noodles with me when I take my girls to the lake.  So it  will be fun & inexpensive water toy to try out.

If you are hoping to try something like this out too , I have good news for you! If you don’t want to purchase the premium version like the one Water Trails sells online, there are cheaper variations.   I  noticed from the packaging on the one I picked up at the yard sale that  it came from the chain dollar store DOLLORAMA.  This means you can also own one of these Water Noodle Hammocks for under 2 dollars if you don’t see any kicking around on yard sale tables !

So if you don’t want to spend much money on water toys this summer don’t negate keeping your eyes open at yard sales  OR dollar stores for some inexpensive options  🙂 🙂