Become a Mermaid or Merman!

Do you every wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid?  I certainly have! Ever since I first learned how to swim, one of my favorite things to do in water was to swirl like a mermaid while imagining I really was one.

Mermaid Kat

I loved seeing my hair floating underwater all around my face, and inside my head, I would pretend I WAS A REAL MERMAID!

I know now that I am not the only one out there who would imagine this while they were swimming, as there are many people now becoming mermaids and mermen.  Many young girls and adult ladies dream about turning into real-life mermaids.  Also, more and more boys and men are having fun becoming mythical water creatures too.

Men & boys are catching on to ‘Mermaiding’ too!


The term coined for this sport is ‘MERMAIDING’ and it is said to be a HARD workout. Swimming in a mermaid tail means to use your WHOLE BODY and getting to know it like never before.  It is advised that MERMAIDING is for strong swimmers only.

Q: What is Mermaiding?

A: Mermaiding is swimming in the dolphin swim style while wearing a mono fin covered with a mermaid costume usually made out of fabric, neoprene, silicone or latex.


Essentially, becoming a Real-Life-Mermaid IS NOT JUST A PIPE DREAM ANYMORE!  This is because there is currently an assortment of ‘mertails’ on the market that you can buy along with mermaid courses you can take to learn to swim just like one!  These vary from initial first -experience courses, all the way up to Professional mermaid courses and workshops. There are also advanced courses towards becoming a certified Mermaiding Instructor.

Mermaiding is a great alternative to normal swimming and a great way to get kids away from the TV or computer games. That’s right! Mermaiding is not just for adults, kids can enjoy the Mermaiding fun too!

Mermaiding for kids!

I first started to really look into Mermaiding a few weeks ago due to  my daughter pulling on my arm asking to take a course teaching it to kids this summer.   It was being offered this summer at a local recreation center in the city we reside, Victoria, BC.

The standard age required worldwide for kids to take a Mermaiding course is 8 years old,  and the child must already be a strong swimmer and able to swim 200 m/ 650 feet in less than 15 minutes. Apart from that, it is important that your child is also able to dive at least 2 m/ 6,5 feet deep, as Mermaiding happens mainly underwater.  Unfortunately, my daughter although almost 9 years old,  is not a good swimmer, so we spoke about taking more swimming lessons before she takes this Mermaiding course.

Unfortunately for me at the moment, there are no adult courses being offered in my hometown but I do plan on attending a course out of town in the future to have this Mermaiding experience!

Types of Mermaid Tails


There 2 types of Mermaid tails, these are;  a fabric (with a removable mono fin) or silicone tails.

Mermaid Kat (she is my favorite mermaid, can you tell?!) with a spandex Mermaid tail with monofin

These next two photos are variations of a Silicon Tail which are at best custom made to your exact measurements and you can pick the specific color and design you like.

Silicone mermaid tails are said to be the tails every mermaid dreams of. They are the most realistic looking mermaid tails available and are described as having a realistic feeling too! Therefore silicone mermaid tails are being used for movies, TV productions, events and professional photo shoots. In addition to the realistic looks comes a great performance in the water. As silicone is neutrally buoyant it neither sinks nor floats. Since silicone is neutrally buoyant, silicone tails are also the best mermaid tails for swimming underwater. This is another reason why many underwater models and entertainers like to use silicone tails.

It goes without saying, that the silicone tail is much pricier so you really want to make sure you get it right if you make the investment.


There area variety of places around the world selling Mermaiding products online and offering Mermaiding courses, however, and they are not all equal in quality, functionality, and professionalism.   It is good to do some data searching before you invest your time and hard-earned money especially if you are looking to purchase a pricier silicone tail.  

Some of the best advice I have found on searching for the right silicon tail can be found here;

Most first-time Mermaiders chose to learn with a mono tail with spandex leggings, and most often you can buy this as a set together rather than separate purchases. The things that are recommended by Mermaid Kat to keep in mind while purchasing a mono tail besides price include;

  • Can’t break while swimming
  • Have two separate foot pockets
  • Have two heel straps
  •  Are adjustable in size
  • Don’t have any materials like screws or nails that can rust
  • Are neutrally buoyant (they don’t pull you down or up to the surface)
  • Don’t have a neoprene cover (this would float to the surface and make it hard for you to keep your head above the water)
  • Were developed by freediving and scuba instructors
  • Are made for serious activities in the water 


What you want to look for in a fabric mermaid tails;

  • Have a 4-way stretch
  • Are easy to get in and out
  • Are resistant to salt and chlorine water
  • Have color protection in the sun
  • Consist of a zipper to remove the monofin easily

The best products on the market, in my opinion, are coming from Mermaid Kat Shop.  I have been mentioning her throughout this post a fair amount and have been using her pictures in throughout this post, so let me take just a moment to tell you about her.  This lady is quite a remarkable person and someone I hope to get to meet one day.  She is a fashion model, underwater model, and environmentalist. She has a very exciting  bio (including winning Miss Germany International 2006 & Sea Star Girl 2008!) that you can read about here;

this is one of my favorite pictures of Mermaid Kat in her online portfolio 🙂

There are many reasons Mermaid Kat’s products stand out from other Mermaiding tails out there, here are the main 6 reasons for my recommendation;

Reason for my recommendation:

Here is a list  outlining why u suggest you choose the Mermaid Kat’s shop should you decide to purchase mertails, whether they are spandex or silicon;

1.  FROM MERMAIDS FOR MERMAIDS,   Mermaid Kat’s fins are designed, created and tested by her professional team of scuba instructors, freediving instructors, and artists.

All her team’s silicone mermaid tails are handmade by our professional mermaid creators.  She claims on her website that every silicone mermaid tail is unique and made to your personal measurements.

As an international mermaid online shop the Mermaid Kat Shop ships worldwide. Order mermaid tails and mermaid accessories from anywhere in the world.


Mermaid Kat claims that if you have any questions about her products please don’t hesitate to contact the Mermaid Kat Shop at any time. She responds quickly.  I can say firsthand that I wrote her a couple times and received a message back right away!


As an environmentally friendly company, Mermaid Kat shop claims to avoid unnecessary packaging. Furthermore, they reuse many of our side products to avoid producing unnecessary waste.

Here are just a couple pictures & video  outlining some of the Environmental Campaigning she has taken part in;


The mermaid tails from Mermaid Kats Shop were created and tested by water professionals with many years of experience. Their spandex tails are said to be the only fabric tails that include a professional free diving monofin.

Well, I’m done raving about Mermaid Kat’s shop now!

I hope that if you do try Mermaiding regardless of who you purchased from that you leave your comments below about your experience for all who visit this site to read!

In closing, I will leave you with a video of Mermaid Kat swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines!  Happy Splashing!

All of the pictures used in this blog post were taken with permission from Mermaid Kat’s website;

5 thoughts on “Become a Mermaid or Merman!

  1. Very interesting, I have never even thought about this before. I think the kids would really enjoy this. Especially after my daughter watches the little mermaid. I never even imagined a Merman either very interesting could make for a fun afternoon.The videos ere very cool as well. Thanks for the info will look into your recommendations.


    • Hi Randy! “The Little Mermaid” is what I think lights the spark with most girls beginning to dream about becoming a Mermaid! You wouldn’t believe how many times that movie played at birthday parties growing up when I was young, and I am 35 now! Makes sense there are so many aspiring adult mermaids these days!

      I think it would make for a very fun afternoon as well! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post, I had a lot of fun writing it and getting in touch with the Mermaid who’s pictures I had permission to use! Feel free to visit again!

  2. When I thought I had seen it all, enter the mermaid/merman bodysuit. Never in my wildest imagination could I have anticipated the possibility.

    But, I am not only intrigued by it, I am going to get one for my wife and daughter. I always wanted to be part of a family of mer-people.

    I found out that here, in the U.S.A., there are already mermaid swimming classes in a number of states including Arizona, California, Idaho, and Illinois, to name a few.

    It looks like whoever…man or woman or child…practices swimming like mer-folks…will develop a very special set of torso muscles because to make that tail work effectively it has to take a lot of strength and coordination.

    I’m sure gonna look into it!


    • Jim Your website is absolutely beautiful. I would love to know what theme you are using. I can’t find you online to ask you. hope you get this here.

      Sorry for the late reply! Haha I had a lot of fun with this post. I would love an opportunity to try this mermaiding myself one day. But at the moment it is still a dream 🙂

  3. I think it’s a great idea to motivate my nephews to swim with fins. Is fun and safe and is a way to learn how to handle the fin and also is the perfect season to enjoy it with friends and family. Great post and great information. The only problem may be that only girls like boys prefer another color or style.
    Thank you.

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