An Inexpensive Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock Lounge

A hammock inspired inflatable float, what  NOVEL idea!

I have never come across a inflatable with this design idea before AND THAT IS WHY I LIKE IT 🙂

Or more formally; Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock Lounge, Comfortable Pool Lounger by FLYMEI

A central feature of the product description is that this inflatable hammock allows the middle of your body to stay cool by soaking in the water while keeping your head and legs afloat.  It is recommended for adults, and children under the guardianship of adults use.

I choose to feature this particular inflatable because not only does it have a sleek classic design along with  many other great key features expected from a  Premium float, it is also at a very attractive price at the moment.   listed as ON SALE at $20.99 with    (regular 79.99)

Color options are always good to have and this Hammock float does come in pink as well, measurements will be the same as the blue option;

However the pink one (still on sale) is listed for a few dollars more (hey! I don’t make these prices, I’m just the messenger) for  $23.99 on

If you choose to purchase this product, I would be absolutely delighted if you report back about your experience using it! I am particularly interested in how sturdy the hammock design  is from tipping over if you adjust your position.  Is it only ideal in very calm water?  And also I would like to know comfortable the head rest is, because to me, it looks quite comfortable!

Last but not least, for all you fellow Canadians out there that have their heart set on trying this cool hammock Inflatable, I have both good new and bad news.

The good news is that is is currently available on, the bad news is that it is at close to full price at 69.53 CDN not listed at the drastic sale price listed above.   It also only comes in blue.

2 thoughts on “An Inexpensive Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock Lounge

  1. How cool is this! My kids often use two pool noodles (one under the knees, on behind the neck to kind of make a hammock – this is heaps better! I reckon the pink one costs more because pink is a much better colour than blue (in my opinion, anyway!). Thanks for sharing this find!

    • Angela, thanks for your comment, it made me laugh because I have also used the noodle trick as you describe to make it like a hammock!

      Amazon is one of the best out there for finding great prices and getting shipping paid for, but because they have a variety of different product sources prices can vary even if product is the same. On this site I try to do the homework for you, finding (in my humble opinion) are the neatest premium quality toys at the best online pricing. In this case pink was available but from a different source and the price varied with that. & I love the pink one too!!! 🙂

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