About Ashley

Hi, Everyone! My name is Ashley,   I go by Ash for short 🙂  and I am part fish.

 … Well that might be stretching the truth a LITTLE bit, BUT if you asked me one of my favorite things to do then I would respond; “PLAYING IN THE WATER!”

This website, WATER PLAY THINGS.com,  is about making recommendations on premium water toys currently selling on the market, that balance great key features at also great prices compared to what else is selling online.  (I try to take the homework out for you and bring to your attention fun new stuff for the lake and pool (sometimes ocean!).

I know most people love being in the water in the summer time.  I definitely take it to a whole other level of obsession I prefer to call ENTHUSIASM.  My family used to call me ‘Lady of the Lake’ as a nickname.  This is because they knew that if it was warm out that I was in the lake…. for hours on end.  I was lucky enough to grow up in an area abundant with lakes and if there was a way to get to anywhere I needed to go by water, I would swim over a walk.  LITERALLY.

About Ashley

I am 35 now, I have 2 daughters now, 8 years old and 2 and I love watching them enjoy the water and having fun swimming with them.  I may be an adult now but I still feel like a kid again when I’m in the water, swimming and playing around. I can feel all the otherworldly stresses wash away!

I wanted to start a site helping link people to the coolest water toys to help get everyone excited about WATER, swimming & FUN splashing around!!!!  I intend to help review/list all the latest inflatables, swim gadgets, lake and pool toys LARGE and small.  For adults, for youth, for toddlers, animals & EVERYONE.   I want to be your GO-TO-SITE for covering the most fun & latest and MOST AWESOME water-play news.  Show you where to find them, maybe even what ones to avoid!   Anything water-toy related you want me to dig into and post about? I’m on it! Any recommendations YOU want to make? The more engagement the better, you can leave your comments under any post!

Everyone’s feedback welcome! The more engagement the better!  If you ever have any ideas related to having fun in the water that you want me to look into I would be happy to connect! Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the crazy new swim gadgets and information relating to fun in the water that I come across that I know you will also have fun to checking out!

Happy Splashing



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email: ash@waterplaythings.com