5 Top Recommended Kiddie Play Pools this Summer!

Some of my earliest memories are splashing in a kiddie pool with family or the kids of whoever my mom invited over for tea.  I think I remember it (even though I was so young) is because it was SO MUCH FUN, especially if you had other kids to splash around with!

There are a wide spectrum of different types of kiddie pools for the youngsters on the market.   Many are more than big enough for adults to cool off with the young people too! Below is a list of 5 different kids pool centers that are among those trending right now that I want to recommend for reasons I will specify.

1.  Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Gatzies is offering the best sale on this product right now for $38.18  marked down from $59.99 (which is a $21.81 savings)

Reason for recommendation:  Along with a ring toss game, this kiddie pool also comes with a ball roller game and toss ball game (six plastic play balls included), how cool is that? !

Other features include:

  • Center includes water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game (with 4 inflatable rings)
  • Water sprayer attaches to garden hose to keep kids cool in summer
  • Water capacity: 77 gallons.

If you purchased this product I would love to hear if the kids enjoyed all the extras this kiddie pool came with along with ANYTHING else you wanted to say 🙂

2.  Kiddie Swimming Pool & Sprinkler Banzai Rip Curl Big Wave Toddler Wading Pool

kiddie swimming pool with wave sprinkler

Reason for recommendation:  Because who doesn’t love hanging out under what feels like a waterfall?!  What a unique feature for a kiddie pool, and a great way to stay cool in the hot sun.   Another reason I choose this one is because the distributor through the link below has 100% positive feedback.

It retails on ebay for US $147.99 (Approximately C $199.09)

Other features listed include:

  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Measures 74″ L x 54″ W x 35″ H (inflated)
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Easily attaches to any garden hose
  • Single-ring inflatable pool
3.  Index fantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center

Reason for recommendation:  This one has all the bells and whistles  AND LANCE AND SHIELD AND DRAGON!  There claims to be a nice soft landing mat at the bottom of the water slide.  It is also within a reasonable price point, and it is currently marked down!

Intex Recreation Group has it listed at $33.94  (marked down from $33.94) + $40.20 shipping to Canada

Other features listed also include:

  •   A soft slide with a landing pad allows you to slide and splash into the pool
  • Plugging a garden hose into the Dragon Bop Bag sprayer will send water cascading across the pool! wading pool
  • A drain plug is included for convenience; Age grade: 2+ years
  • Approximate inflated size: 73″ L x 60″W x 42″H; Water capacity: 47 gallons (51/2″” of wall height); Maximum Weight Capacity: 178 lbs.
  • Includes: Built-in water sprayer;  Water slide ; Drain plug; Repair patch

  I would love to hear back any feedback !

4. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool 

Great Buyer Deals has it listed for $68.96 US plus free shipping 

Reason for recommendation:  There are three main reasons for this kiddie pool making my top 5 list.  The first and foremost reason is that it has a BUILT IN COUCH!!!  The second is that Intex claims that it inflates in just minutes.  The third reason is because Intex claims that it is made of Heavy Duty Vinyl ( or constructed using “rugged 13-gauge vinyl material to provide a durable, long lasting pool” to use their words exactly) 

other features to outline:

  • Roomy enough for the whole family with a built in bench to sit comfortably and watch kids play
  • Wide inflatable side walls are designed using two air chambers with two cup holders
  • Combo air valves make inflating and deflating the pool a breeze
  • Inflated Dimensions: 88 Inches L x 85 Inches W x 30 Inches H
  • Water Capacity: 169 gallons (12-1/2” of wall height)

PLEASE if you order this, let everyone  know here how comfy that couch is!  Also if the material is as durable as Intex claims it to be.

5.   H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange


Bestway has it listed for $139.59 US with free shipping offered.
Unfortunately I cannot find this product listed for shipping to Canada.

Reason for Recommendation:  Customer reviews are coming back so positive on this product.  Most people love how the product blocks the sun so well.  Much has been said about the “bright cute colors”, also mentioned many times is how easy to set up and a few have even reported hanging solar lights underneath.

Other main features included:

  • Steel Frame
  • Pvc Pool Liner
  • DVD Instruction

Its definitely on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price for what is still within the realm of being considered a kiddie pool.  But with a steel frame probably also the most indestructible of all the kiddie pools!

Please report back if you to it out and if YOUR review lives up to all the other praise this one is getting online!

4 thoughts on “5 Top Recommended Kiddie Play Pools this Summer!

  1. It seems that the summers are getting hotter and hotter. If you want to do something with the kids than it is not possible. It is so hot that all you want to do is to stay inside with the air condition. I think that the inflatable castle is somethink we are defently give a try this coming summer.

    • Hi Manor, doesn’t that castle look like great fun? ! I love all the extras it comes with! I hear you about the HEAT! This past weekend I was hibernating in the shade during the day, my kids and I managed to find a fun outdoor pool to splash in and that was good fun.

      If you do buy the castle please visit again and feedback on the product ! 🙂

    • Hi Chappy! Isn’t the built in couch great?! I totally agree that it is one that has the adult as well as the kids!

      I shared this post with these 5 recommendations for Kiddie Pools on my Google+ and #4 got the warmest response with my friends and acquaintances.

      Thanks for your comment!

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