How to make a Plywood-Boat or a Storage-Bin-Raft

I grew up with a Beaver pond in my backyard.

Well, not exactly my families backyard.  We lived next to a public school in the outer limits of the town. Behind the property of the school, there was a pond.  Had some busy beavers around and my brother’s and I would witness there handiwork.  It was here, my siblings and I were always on to building rafts of some sort from crates to fallen tree parts.

It is this memory which was the inspiration to hunt online for great raft and boat instructional video’s.  Here are two that I have found and think are great to share!

How to make a Boat out of a single sheet of plywood:

Here is someone who shows you, step-by-step, how to make a great plywood boat. His instructional video description reads: “Make a plywood boat with one sheet of plywood. Easy to make, this boat is a good starter project to learn about wooden boat building”.

It is a great is indeed a great starter-project video with a nice easy pace. All this, while staying under 10 minutes while still explaining every step he made in detail.

How to Build a Raft From Storage Bins:

If you have time for a legitimate full-on project, this guy will show you how to make a very solid raft out of storage bins.   He actually had the boy scouts on it for a trip and a gang down a river and they all slept on the rafts over night.

If you take on either of these projects please share in the comment section for everyone else to learn from! And feel free to share your comments even if you do not take on one of these projects 😆

6 Awesome Inflatable Floating Islands for Summer 2017!

When it comes to inflatable water toys for the lake, a supreme way to enjoy the day together with your friends or family is a with floating island.

The floating island is a large inflatable water toy that comes in many variations and they also really range in price, size, and quality.  Sometimes they are also referred to as floating rafts.

So without further adieu here are my top 6 recommended Floating Island Inflatables for Summer 2018;


1. CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

You get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ with the first floating island I would like to recommend if you are considering a floating island purchase.  It has a 6 person capacity with a removable sun shade.



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Become a Mermaid or Merman!

Do you every wonder what it would be like to be a mermaid?  I certainly have! Ever since I first learned how to swim, one of my favorite things to do in water was to swirl like a mermaid while imagining I really was one.

Mermaid Kat

I loved seeing my hair floating underwater all around my face, and inside my head, I would pretend I WAS A REAL MERMAID!

I know now that I am not the only one out there who would imagine this while they were swimming, as there are many people now becoming mermaids and mermen.  Many young girls and adult ladies dream about turning into real-life mermaids.  Also, more and more boys and men are having fun becoming mythical water creatures too. Continue reading

Where did the Classic “Rubber Ducky” Originate?

From the moon!  Just kidd’n.


Classic Rubber-Ducky Toy

But seriously, or as seriously as we can get discussing rubber-duckies.  I am seeing rubber ducks everywhere lately and not even going out to find one.  I stayed a hotel last weekend with my daughters on a short trip.  The hotel we stayed at had a pool and were giving out a complimentary rubber -ducky-toy in each room.  And just on this very evening, I took the picture below at the hardware store.  Hey!  It is NOT even  Real-Rubber-Ducky.

Inflated Rubber Ducky at the Hardware Store in Victoria BC

Which has me leading to ponder the question below:

Why is the rubber-ducky the most popular of all the other water toy animals?
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5 Top Recommended Kiddie Play Pools this Summer!

Some of my earliest memories are splashing in a kiddie pool with family or the kids of whoever my mom invited over for tea.  I think I remember it (even though I was so young) is because it was SO MUCH FUN, especially if you had other kids to splash around with!

There are a wide spectrum of different types of kiddie pools for the youngsters on the market.   Many are more than big enough for adults to cool off with the young people too! Below is a list of 5 different kids pool centers that are among those trending right now that I want to recommend for reasons I will specify.

1.  Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

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Premium Original Poop Emoji Float for Adults and Kids

I promised to suggest a FUN & AWESOME water toy every Thursday so here it is:

An Original Poop Emoji, Pool Lounger for Adults and Kids!

Melt you stress away floating around on this premium giant float.  One of the best features of this particular float and why i decided to recommend it as “water Toy of the Week is that the company; SweetTooth, claims this emoji to have :

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