How to Inflate your Inflatables Without an Air Pump at the Lake

We have all been there.  We are at the lake, its a hot day and we are ready to jump in the water on your large inflatable, but we messed up big time and forgot our pump at home.

Obviously the best case scenario is that we have a decent portable air pump on us or someone yells out that you can borrow there’s.

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However if its just not in the cards for you to be able to use a pump when you need one, there still  is a better way than just  blowing it up old school.

Plastic Bag Hack:

This better way involves a plastic bag.  Often if your out with friends there is one person who has a plastic bag on hand.   Here is a good very short video on this plastic bag hack:

I figure if I save even one person’s day at the lake with this advice, this post was surely worth the time.   It took a lot quicker to make than it did blowing up a air mattress without a pump!   Lol, I had to throw that one in there!

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